Digital Gameplan

Digital marketing is becoming a higher priority for SMEs. As recently as 5 years ago, most company websites served as a brochure. Now it's their bread and butter.

But to be honest, keeping up with the constant changes in the digital landscape has been a struggle not just for business owners and executives, but for marketers. So how do you find your footing and keep moving toward your business goals when it comes to your biggest digital asset — your web presence?

One carefully planned step at a time. 

A Digital Gameplan crafted especially for your business gives you and your team a digital strategy to follow from day to day and year to year. Our digital marketing specialists work with you to:

  • Analyze current digital marketing efforts, including the performance of your website

  • Set goals and benchmark current metrics

  • Create a quarter-by-quarter digital marketing strategy with actionable items

  • Jumpstart your blog and social media content

With your Digital Gameplan in hand, you'll be able to maximize the ROI of your website investment — and keep your bread buttered.

Your business can be implementing a clear digital strategy in 4-6 weeks! Learn more and get started below. 

Digital Gameplan

  • Personas: Research, develop, refresh buyer personas

  • Blog: Quarterly blogging gameplan

  • Social Media: Quarterly social media gameplan

  • Email: Email gameplan + initial email content plan

  • Resource Audit: Discover & fix marketing resource drains 

  • Lead Scoring: Strategy for scoring your best leads for sales

  • Reporting: Closed-loop digital reporting plan

  • Gameplan Document: Guide to your next year in digital marketing

  • $3,500

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