The Truth Behind Our Name

We often get asked about our name. Why Yodelpop? The first answer is usually: the URL was available. Then we tell them the truth: we are Yodelpop because we help people communicate their messages (there's the yodel) in a way that has impact (there's the pop).


A certain amount of what you have to offer the world—your constituents, your clients, your colleagues—is learned. You've worked in your field, you've gotten the training you need to do your work well, and maybe you've got an academic background that gives credibility and context to what you do. As an organization, you have the required resources and tools of the trade to do your work.

But there's more: your occupational DNA.

It's what makes your projects stand out as different—and better—than those of others in your field. It's what makes your spaghetti sauce unlike anyone else's. Other people can go to school and learn the things you learned there. They can have virtually the same jobs you've had and even have a company name that's similar to yours. But nobody else has your innate and unique gifts, the things that make people seek you out as a partner, as an expert, as a friend.

In short, you can yodel.

How many yodelers do you know? If you knew one, and you had yodeling that needed doing, you'd call that person, right? When Yodelpop helps you with your communications and marketing, we make sure people hear you yodel, and we make sure it pops, so that when they need whatever it is you provide, you're the one they think of.

Plus, the URL was available.


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