Farm-to-Table Grocery Grows Traffic from Organic Search and Email

Created by Yodelpop Team

In the first year of inbound marketing with Yodelpop, this family-owned farm-to-table grocery experienced results including:

  • Website Traffic: ⬆️ up 93% from email + 19% from search
  • Leads: ⬆️ 22% of website visitors converted to leads


This family-owned group of grocery stores was founded more than 50 years ago. The focus on tradition has been a strength in serving current customers. But as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and other chains moved into its downtown metro area, the company needed updated online marketing strategies and a new brand to position itself more competitively.

The business faced challenges including:

  • Outdated brand
  • Static website with no e-commerce
  • No email marketing to attract traffic and business
  • No blog to attract visitors
  • No conversion paths / downloads to convert visitors to leads
  • Lack of social media strategy

Our Approach

Yodelpop created a new farm-to-table brand and inbound marketing strategy that emphasize the beauty and quality of the company's products and the depth of their staff’s expertise. In the first eight months after launch, visits to the website from email marketing increased 93%, organic traffic to the website increased 19%, and social media reach grew 17%.

With an aesthetically sophisticated and mobile-responsive website that functions as an inbound marketing hub, the company is now known for its modern farm-to-table brand.

To help this company address its challenges, Yodelpop planned and carried out an inbound marketing strategy including:

  • Researching and creating new buyer personas built around the new customers the business needed to attract
  • Launching a new website using Hubspot COS as a platform to create an online marketing hub
  • Creating an e-commerce site for catering
  • Publishing biweekly keyword-driven blog posts to attract traffic from ideal customers 
  • Creating and posting educational downloads for each stage of buyer’s journey
  • Adding conversion paths throughout the site to convert visitors to leads
  • Implementing visually engaging social media posts to promote content and drive traffic
  • Revamping the email marketing strategy to continually engage customers between store visits
  • Reporting on results and introducing new strategies for growth each month


In the first year after hiring Yodelpop to provide inbound marketing, the company achieved:

  • A 93% increase in visits to the website from email marketing 
  • A 19% increase in organic traffic to the website 
  • Social media growth of 17%
  • Conversion of  22% of visitors to leads via landing pages with free downloadable offers and newsletter sign-ups 

Moving the business's website to the HubSpot COS had a major impact on their rebranding, helping the company become competitive in its downtown metro area. Since launch, the business has seen improved traffic and competitive ranking for strategic terms in search engines. With landing pages and forms, newsletter subscriptions have increased and contacts are now segmented by store (to target events and grocery specials) and by persona (differentiating catering customers from store shoppers, for example). Using the blog tool, the company now has a database of blogs and recipes that build the brand by developing personalities of the staff and sharing educational content.

The new e-commerce site for catering has converted orders placed by phone to more orders placed online. This allows the company to better track its marketing investment and frees up staff to spend their time delighting customers, not taking orders. 

Migrating to the HubSpot COS has helped the company achieve its goals of building a strong web presence, a consistent brand identity, and growing their brand awareness. Most importantly, by educating their customers with expert content, they’ve been able to establish leadership around food. 

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