Medical Retailer's Traffic Up 360%, Sales 46% from Inbound Marketing

Created by Yodelpop Team

yodelpop-ecommerce-case-study-feature-graphicIn their most recent year of working with Yodelpop as their marketing partner, this e-commerce medical device company experienced results including:
  • Annual Revenue From E-commerce: ⬆️ 46% increase

  • Website Traffic: ⬆️ 360% increase


This medical device retailer is an e-commerce provider of life-improving solutions. Via their online shopping site, they offer a full line of medical devices for their customers.

In 2015, they came to Yodelpop for help following a change in public policy: federal guidelines regulating their industry changed so that Medicare stopped covering the majority of their products. With the resulting decrease in doctor referrals and sales to retailers, they knew they'd need a marketing strategy that would enable them to reach their customers directly.

They needed to actively pursue a new online sales and marketing approach in a radically changing sales environment. They had an e-commerce site, but it wasn't equipped to draw traffic and convert visitors to leads and leads to customers. In the year before they engaged with Yodelpop, orders were down and revenue from the website had decreased by 19.5%.

Our Approach

Yodelpop helped develop a marketing strategy that would allow them to make online sales to customers a significant revenue stream. 

We worked with their team to (1) create a content-rich website that serves as a traffic magnet, drawing more visitors into the sales funnel, (2) nurture leads to become customers, crossing over to the e-commerce site (which we redesigned), and (3) further nurture those customers into repeat sales using workflows and other HubSpot tools. We planned and executed these strategies using HubSpot's all-in-one marketing software, COS website platform, CRM, and Sales Free products.

Yodelpop’s specific strategies and activities to improve lead generation and nurturing with this client included:

  • Developing buyer personas to enable segmentation of contacts and customers
  • Designing the main website on HubSpot CMS Hub to create an effective educational and sales portal, including refreshing their logo and brand
  • Redesigning the BigCommerce site and integrating it with HubSpot via the BigCommerce integration to ensure optimal customer experience and flow of data to HubSpot.
  • Keyword-driven educational blogs to increase traffic from ideal buyers
  • Premium content offers to generate pre-sales leads and to engage and delight customers
  • Email automation segmented for the different buyer and customer stages, including an abandoned cart email strategy
  • A/B testing of email, landing pages and calls-to-action for increased engagement and conversion
  • Social media to spread the client’s thought leadership and brand

In year two, the strategy expanded to include:

  • Developing and reaching a new awareness-stage persona that had previously been outside of the marketing funnel
  • Using data from HubSpot and BigCommerce to recommend successful inventory additions to reach previously untapped customers
  • New topics and premium content —including a Qzzr Quiz—to widen the top of the funnel, increasing traffic, leads and revenue
  • Use of advanced reporting tools in HubSpot to identify key opportunities for optimization.


Through inbound marketing with Yodelpop as their partner, the client significantly increased results at every point in the buyer's journey, from visitors to leads to customers to repeat buyers. 

Comparing this company’s most recent year with Yodelpop with the year prior to our partnership, the client experienced the following increases:

  • Organic traffic: up 360%
  • Email open rate: 26.9% compared to industry average of 16.8%
  • Email click rate: 10% compared to the industry average of 2.3%
  • Revenue from email marketing: up 1,781.9%
  • Visits to e-commerce site: up 398%
  • New customers: up 69.3%
  • Conversion rate: up 182.4%, from 1.9% to 5.3%
  • Revenue from website: up 45.9%

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