Wireless Communications Firm Triples Leads, Grows Traffic 128%

Created by Yodelpop Team

Case Study Feature GraphicsIn the first year of inbound marketing with Yodelpop, this B2B wireless communication provider experienced results including:

  • Website Traffic: ⬆️ 128% monthly increase
  • Leads: ⬆️ 55% monthly increase


This wireless communication provider is a highly reputable integrator of voice and data solutions, serving sectors including public safety, education, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, and more.

The company came to Yodelpop for help solving several problems:

  • Lack of traffic and leads from organic search and social media

  • Reduction in internal marketing staff

  • Absence of content, traffic, and leads related to several of the business's core service areas

  • Gaps in implementation of inbound methodology, impacting traffic and conversion rates

In the first two years of partnering with Yodelpop, the business saw a monthly traffic increase of 128% (year one) and 68% (year two) from organic search and social media. In addition, leads increased by 55% (year one) and 90% (year two) from organic and social.

Our Approach

Yodelpop enacted a simple and effective content, design, and social media strategy in partnership with the client. The first year, we focused on:

  • Creating and posting keyword-driven educational blogs and web pages
  • Adding calls to action on all pages
  • Testing and redesigning landing pages for increased performance
  • Creating and updating buyer personas to focus marketing efforts
  • Rewriting and designing key web pages to promote all of the company's service areas

In subsequent years, we’ve augmented those efforts while still enacting an efficient inbound strategy, including:

  • Creating content-rich, authoritative pillar pages and blogs, building search authority on topics of key interest to customers 
  • Developing a new website using HubSpot CMS to replace legacy software and enable easy search of all offerings by industry and product
  • Broadening content to cover popular B to B themes beyond strictly technical topics
  • Launching new offers to convert leads in each persona and stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Increasing brand prominence in co-branded offers
  • Using social media strategically to drive traffic to the website as well as increasing following with shared content
  • Improving design of calls to action to increase traffic to lead conversion
  • Adding resources pages to promote all offers and drive prospects further along the buyer’s journey


By implementing a content-based inbound marketing strategy using HubSpot Marketing Pro and CMS software, in the first two years, Yodelpop helped this wireless communications provider more than double its traffic and triple the number of leads generated through its website.

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