Nonprofit Marketing Goals Crosswalk 

👟 In this free workshop, we'll take you through the first crucial steps to creating a successful marketing strategy. 👟

Set the stage for marketing return on investment with goals that directly support your organization’s mission and direction. 

In this free one-hour workshop, we'll walk you through completing the Marketing Goals Crosswalk for your nonprofit. We created this process for our clients to help them lay a solid foundation for their marketing plans. We'll:

  • Help align your organizational mission and budget with goals for a marketing strategy
  • Set marketing SMART goals that support your organization's budget
  • Set you up for success in planning your marketing program

Prior to the session, you'll receive your own workbook that we'll use during the workshop.

Sessions offered 2nd Thursday of the month
LIMIT 100 PARTICIPANTS per workshop

Time: 11:30 - 12:30 CT
Format: Online 
Cost: FREE