Digital Gameplan

Keeping up with the constant changes in the digital landscape is a challenge. So how do you find your footing and keep moving toward your marketing mission and goals?

One carefully planned step at a time. 

A digital gameplan crafted especially for your business or organization gives you and your team a digital strategy to follow from day to day and year to year. Our digital marketing specialists work with you to:

  • Analyze current digital marketing efforts, including the performance of your website

  • Set goals and benchmark current metrics

  • Create a quarter-by-quarter digital marketing strategy with actionable items

  • Jumpstart your content marketing

With your digital gameplan in hand, you'll be able to maximize the ROI of your website investment — and keep your bread buttered.

You can be implementing a clear digital strategy in 4-6 weeks! Learn more and get started below. 

Digital Gameplan

  • Personas: Research, develop, refresh buyer personas

  • Content: Quarterly gameplan for pillar pages and blog

  • Social Media: Quarterly social media gameplan

  • Email: Email gameplan + initial email content plan

  • Resource Audit: Discover & fix marketing resource drains 

  • Lead Scoring: Strategy for scoring your best leads

  • Reporting: Closed-loop digital reporting plan

  • Gameplan Document: Guide to your next year in digital marketing

  • $3,500

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