Downloadable Resources

Looking for a marketing plan template, nonprofit annual report template, or something else?

We have these and more in our free resource library.

[EBOOK] Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Content Marketing

Learn how your organization can make the internet a better place while growing toward the mission at the same time

[TEMPLATE] Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template

A template to plan out a comprehensive marketing plan for nonprofits

[EBOOK] How to Create a Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Increase nonprofit revenue with a marketing plan

[EBOOK] Marketing Collateral Checklist

A tool for gathering marketing assets for an effective marketing strategy

[TEMPLATE] Creating Nonprofit Supporter Personas

Your organization's marketing becomes more effective when everyone in your organization has a clear understanding of the ideal supporters. 

[EBOOK] How to Create Customers for Life with a Content SEO Strategy

Learn the proven strategy that gets three times more leads than paid search advertising

[EBOOK] Your Complete Primer to Inbound Marketing

Learn what inbound marketing is and how to do it

[TEMPLATE] Annual Report Templates for Nonprofits

With this free template you can quickly and easily send your supporters a report that's accurate and impactful 

[ONLINE GUIDE] Marketing Glossary

Everything you always wanted to know about marketing but were afraid to ask! Our online guide of marketing terminology.

[WEBINAR RECORDING] How to Increase Nonprofit Revenue with a Marketing Plan

Learn the exact steps we take with our clients that lead to an effective and successful marketing program 

[WEBINAR RECORDING] Nonprofit Content Marketing for the New SEO

Learn simple steps for planning, organizing, and publishing content that supports your mission with new visitors and contacts.

[ONLINE GUIDE] The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Marketing

Learn what sustainable marketing is–and isn't–and the Five Principles of Sustainable Marketing

[WEBINAR RECORDING] How to Turn Marketing Collateral Into Customers & Leads

In this webinar we share the secrets to harnessing your marketing collateral in ways that deliver superior experiences to your audience while contributing to marketing and sales goals

[TEMPLATE] Annual Report Template Pro

Tell the story of your organization with a professional-looking annual report that you can publish quickly and easily. 

[WEBINAR RECORDING] How to Position Your Brand as an Influencer

In this webinar, we share how to position your brand to become a stronger influencer through inbound marketing