Inbound Sales Enablement

The sales team may still be using the same traditional seller-centric techniques to close customers. With inbound sales, the sales team are enabled to make the most out of inbound leads, and sell faster and better.  Inbound sales teams base their entire sales strategy on the buyer rather than the seller – they personalize the entire sales experience to the buyer’s context. 


What is inbound sales? 

With inbound sales, you are aligning the sales process with the inbound process, using the same buyer-focused philosophy as inbound marketing. Inbound sales builds a sales process that supports the buying journey. As a result, the salesperson and the buyer feel like they are aligned, rather than at odds with one another, through the buying and selling process.

Here's an overview of the inbound sales methodology


Overview of steps in inbound sales methodology:

  • IDENTIFY: Sales teams prioritize buyers that are more active in the buying journey
  • CONNECT: Rather than cold voicemails and emails with the same generic pitch, a sales person leads with a message personalized to the buyer's context
  • EXPLORE: Rather than transition into generic presentation mode that outlines information buyers already have access to, there's a transition into an exploratory phase, leveraging the buyers interest to develop trust by discovering their goals and challenges.
  • ADVISE: Instead of going on 'auto-pilot' and delivering the same standard presentations and case studies, a presentation is tailored to the buyer's context that was uncovered in the exploratory phase. 

If the sales process is inefficient or is outdated, improved marketing efforts will go to waste.  Inbound sales helps leverage marketing investment in attaining quality leads by creating and implementing processes and assets to delight prospects into customers.  

Our sales enablement services 

Salespeople spend 59% of their time doing tasks other than selling to customers and clients. By partnering with your organization through sales enablement, we create a framework to increase sales productivity by supporting reps with the content, training, and analytics they need to have more successful sales conversations.  

An overview of our sales enablement activities include:

  • Develop buyer personas
  • Map and redesign the sales process 
  • Create the sales content library
  • Align content with buyer's cycle
  • Track use and influence of content
  • Configure CRM
  • Track and analyze sales funnel 

Yodelpop is a HubSpot Partner Certified Agency, and we are certified in both Inbound Sales, and in the HubSpot Sales tool.