Client Testimonials

Making Our Dreams Come True

"The entire team at Yodelpop has been wonderful. Everyone is clearly knowledgeable in their field of expertise, I'm treated with respect, their process is SMART and clearly defined, and they help us celebrate even the small wins. They created and launched our new website, which raised our community awareness for our small nonprofit within no time as a result of the blogging, e-newsletter, and social media posts (and SEO).
We're attracting the right kind of people, too. People are asking for our services using the online form more than with our old site (by at least double!), we received our first donation from someone who searched for the type of nonprofits they would like to support, natural program partners found us and wanted to connect, several volunteer prospects filled out our online form, and our Facebook page has more likes than we could do ourselves. I could never keep up with a blog or e-newsletter schedule because I was wearing too many hats. I know that they'll push me to meet deadlines so that we can publish things on schedule. I review everything before it gets published so I know if something is out there, it's with my stamp of approval.
They really are making my dreams come true. I love working with every single team member. I recommend them to everyone (without being asked for a recommendation), and mention them even when it's not necessary for the conversation. You should consider working with them, too, if you want to get noticed and get the results you want."
– Dr. Anna Van Heeckeren, One Health Organization
Dr. Van Heeckeren's video testimonial


Harnessing Inbound Approaches for Our Association

"Yodelpop has become an extension of our small staff association team. As experts in nonprofit marketing and inbound philosophy, Yodelpop has worked with my team to create a robust marketing strategy that considers the unique needs of the association sector. Their guidance will help expand your marketing presence and lead to improvements in your current website design, content development, and social media efforts.
– Shari Rager, American Medical Writers Association

Responsive To Our National Nonprofit's Needs 

"As is the case for most, the pandemic thrust many challenges on our organization in ways that required us to pivot quickly and in multiple ways, including our communications. The Yodelpop team was super-responsive to our needs and never skipped a beat when we asked for last-minute changes to the established plan during the onset of COVID-19. Acting as an extension of our team, they always help us work through questions or improvise strategies, thoughtfully and with our best intentions in mind. They genuinely seem to share our passion for what we do."
– Katy Lederer, Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

Dedicated To Our Inbound Success

"We have been working with Yodelpop for years. We have had our share of experience with online marketing firms. No experience compares with what we have had with Yodelpop. They first took the time to learn everything there was to know about our grant funded project. They learned our environment to the point that I thought they were experts in our industry! (Maybe they are!?) Their team works tirelessly and seamlessly to ensure that all of our inbound marketing objectives are thoughtfully established and then fully executed.
They have gone above and beyond, always allowing us to set the pace that feels most comfortable for us (which changes from week to week). We have often said that they are an extension of our team because they are just as dedicated to our success as we are. We would highly recommend Yodelpop to any organization that is seeking to markedly increase their inbound marketing or to those wanting to create a strategic inbound marketing plan. "
– Nina Rios,