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Communicating Brand Social Responsibility in a Social Crisis

Yodelpop Team Jun 15, 2020

This content was a team project by Cori, Leandra, Camille and Jackie

Pitfalls, benefits, and best practices of responding to a social crisis in your marketing

Many brands have scrambled to respond to recent events with statements of social responsibility. Though these messages are well‑intentioned, some have received backlash. Critics ask, "Why now and not before?" Or "Where is the proof of action behind your words?"

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6 Lead Generation Strategies that Work Every Time

Jackie Lalley Jun 2, 2020

Look at the website of any successfully marketed business and you’ll find a resource hub, loaded with content that their ideal customers can access when they’re ready.

Rather than talking endlessly about their brand, the company demonstrates unique value to buyers with content: web pages, blog posts, landing pages, social media posts, and case studies that exhibit expertise in their field.

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The Ultimate WordPress CMS Breakup List

Camille Winer May 5, 2020

We’re geeking out over the release of new features on the improved HubSpot CMS Hub Pro and CMS Hub Enterprise! To celebrate we want to help you with your WordPress break up list, plus frequently asked questions (and the answers) we get about WordPress and HubSpot, why we recommend migration to HubSpot, and some things you can expect with a migration. 

Let's get right to it! 

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How to Write a Mission Statement for a Company

Camille Winer Apr 28, 2020

No matter what era we live in, you can always be certain of uncertainties, disruptions, innovation and major shifts. How can you strengthen your brand to better prepare to adapt to the promise of constant change? 

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Setting Goals for Your Marketing Plan

Camille Winer Oct 1, 2019

sample_marketing_Plan_goalsLet's get right to it: setting goals is one of the most important steps to take when creating an effective marketing plan.

Without goals, all of your marketing efforts are essentially floating around, with no way to gauge their performance, or how they are helping your organization.

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How to Use the HubSpot Chatbot for Inbound Marketing (and More)

Camille Winer Jul 9, 2019

If you're a HubSpot user, you've probably noticed a new(ish) item in your portal: Conversations. This is essentially HubSpot's chat tool, and with it, you can do both live chat (staffed by a member of your team) and add automated chat, AKA chatbots, to your website.

Way back in 2016, HubSpot cofounder Brian Halligan called chatbots "the biggest wave we’ve seen in technology in the last two decades” while speaking at the INBOUND conference. And yet many teams still aren't using chatbots, fearing they take a lot of resources to set up or, worse, that they'll somehow "take over" — and damage — their relationships with leads. But none of those things are true. The fact is, chatbots are at your service, they're integral to inbound marketing, and they free up your team for the marketing activities best done by a human.

In short, if you can set up an FAQ page, you can set up a chatbot.

In this blog, I'll explain how chatbots fit into inbound marketing and show how the HubSpot chatbot works. (If you still have questions, feel free to contact Yodelpop to set up a demo.)

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How to Create a Successful Nonprofit Annual Report

Jackie Lalley Nov 26, 2018

At their best, annual reports are a golden opportunity for nonprofits to showcase their accomplishments through storytelling and photos, thank their donors and supporters, and issue a clear call to action to readers for how they can help keep the momentum going. At their worst, they're a boring exercise in self-promotion or a thinly-veiled request for donations.

If you publish an annual report, you want the former, not the latter. But how do you get there? There are so many formats and storytelling approaches — which one is best for your organization? Moreover, should you even bother publishing an annual report?

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Three Ways To Boost Association Membership With Digital Marketing

Jackie Lalley Nov 6, 2018

 Associations have a lot of competition when it comes to attracting and retaining members. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and even Instagram provide today’s professionals with a convenient, always-on way to engage with their industry colleagues. Information is shared easily across feeds and within public and private groups. This, combined with an abundance of free informative blog posts, trainings and online resources, has increased the challenges facing associations — and other membership organizations — as they seek to increase their ranks.  

But hope is not lost.

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Best Nonprofit Annual Reports: Updated

Jackie Lalley Oct 19, 2018

Annual report season often brings a mix of emotions. There's the excitement of a new year of programming, educating, fundraising, and success stories to report on!

Then there's the trepidation of having to compile the data, get team members to provide needed information, and find people to tell those powerful stories. Oh, and did anyone take any good pictures at that fundraiser?

At their best, annual reports are a golden opportunity for nonprofits to showcase their accomplishments through storytelling and photos, thank their donors and supporters, and issue a clear call to action to readers for how they can help keep the momentum going. At their worst, reports are a ho-hum recitation of donor names (yawn), actions taken (so what?) and dry data (zzzzz).

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Should You Let Others Republish Your Content?

Jackie Lalley Jun 25, 2018

I recently got the following email from one of our inbound marketing clients:

"I had another organization call us and wanted to use some of our blogs. Could we let them use some of them if they gave us credit or linked back to our site? And how would that affect our SEO? What is your opinion on this?"

Since this issue affects businesses and nonprofits across the board, I thought I'd share my answers to these questions here, including:

  • Who should be allowed to republish your content
  • How to prevent damage to your search ranking
  • How to make sure a republishing partnership benefits you
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