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Standout Annual Reports: 2016 Edition

Jackie Lalley Mar 6, 2018

At their best, annual reports are a golden opportunity for nonprofits to showcase their accomplishments through storytelling and photographs, thank their donors and supporters, and issue a clear call to action to readers for how they can help keep the momentum going.

At their worst, reports are a ho-hum recitation of donor names (yawn), actions taken (so what?) and dry data (zzzzz).

Your job is to make your annual report do the former, not the latter. But there are so many formats and storytelling approaches — which one is best for your organization? To help you answer that question, below are some examples from nonprofits that are leading the charge in transforming annual reports from meh to marvelous. I hope you find them helpful and inspiring! 

For more ideas, check out my Best Nonprofit Annual Reports post, which presents annual report "winners" in categories from Best Donation Generator to Best E-Book format.

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How and Why To AB Test Your Marketing Materials

Camille Winer Dec 8, 2017

An AB test can be a great tool for nonprofit or small business marketing. Whether you're doing the marketing yourself or overseeing a team, it's important to understand how AB testing works — when to do it, how to do it, and what kind of effort you can expect to put into it.

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Inbound17 Takeaways: For the Love of People (in Sales and Marketing).

Camille Winer Nov 22, 2017

Nothing compares to spending 4 days with 22,000 marketers, a handful of inspiring celebrities and hundreds of educational sessions on all things marketing, sales and the human experience.

Inbound17 was everything I’ve grown to expect from HubSpot's yearly conference: totally moving keynotes (Michelle Obama), entertainment that makes my spouse increasingly jealous every year (Judd Apatow), free massages and head shots and a stunning variety of food trucks everyday at lunch (vegan!) and of course leading thought in the sales and marketing industry.

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Marketing That Makes You Say 'I Love You': What I Learned At INBOUND 2017

Jackie Lalley Nov 8, 2017

HubSpot's INBOUND conference, held every fall in Boston, is the one conference Yodelpop has attended every year since we were founded. Not only do we tap into an incredible amount of marketing information that we bring back to our work, we always make great connections with clients, marketers, and HubSpot team members. Watching the video recap reminds me of the impressive range of the stories HubSpot brought before 21,000 people this year: keynoters included Michelle Obama, Roxanne Gay, Billie Jean King, Issa Rae, Piera Gelardi, Brene Brown, and so many more people I admire. 

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SEO Help for Your Small Business: 3 Steps to Keywords That Work

Jackie Lalley Oct 23, 2017

When looking for SEO help, small business owners can get some pretty complicated advice, because SEO is constantly changing. Search engine algorithms change, and social media and other advertising platforms continue to challenge our ability to attract traffic from organic search. 

But the fundamentals of good SEO haven't really changed: attracting traffic is about publishing content that's valuable to your ideal customers, and SEO is about showing that value to them when they're doing online research. (This was all true back in 2014, when we published this SEO blog.) Finding the language your ideal customers are using, and employing it effectively, is still a great method of not just getting traffic but improving your understanding of your business. 

Researching long-tail keywords and building them naturally into your content will help you better optimize your site for search, which will result in more organic traffic, leads and, eventually, customers. 

In this blog I'm going to share some foundations of researching and using longtail keywords. 

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Is Email Marketing for Small Business Still a Thing?

Camille Winer Oct 4, 2017

Email marketing for small business is either (a) the tool that will rescue your marketing plan from certain disaster, or (b) a relic of marketing strategies past, as obsolete as a 1980s "portable phone." It depends on who you ask. 

If you ask me, based the evidence I've seen, email is a small business marketing tactic that's worth its word count in gold. Here's why:

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Can PPC Hurt? Keeping Your Advertising Safe and Mission-Driven

Jackie Lalley Sep 8, 2017

I happened to pick up the Wall Street Journal while traveling last week, and this story caught my eye: PetMed Asks Google to Remove Tramadol Ads From Search Results. In it, an executive blames Google's algorithm for displaying the company's ads with certain problematic search terms.

The PetMed story raises important questions for current and potential PPC advertisers: What if any risks do you face in engaging in PPC? Who bears responsibility when it plays a role in illegal or harmful activities? And what can you do to minimize the risk of that happening?

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Content Is Still King When It Comes To Small Business Digital Marketing

Karen Hawkins Aug 31, 2017

By now, most of us appreciate the unique and powerful pull of stories, but when it comes to small business digital marketing, it’s a crucial tool that we often forget.

Your small business marketing strategies provide the roadmap for your tactics, such as your marketing collateral, and give the framework for great stories told through compelling content online and beyond.

Even as the rules continue to evolve, small business digital marketing is one area of your overall marketing strategy in which content is still king.

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3 Steps to Start Creating Marketing Collateral for Small Business

Camille Winer Aug 24, 2017

A key goal of the marketing collateral you create for your small business is to share your brand’s story with the world. Before you begin broadcasting that story, it’s important to take several behind-the-scenes steps.

Everyone on your team – not just the marketing department –should understand what your brand means and what it stands for. A clear articulation of your mission and reason for being will drive everything about your small business marketing, including the traditional elements of collateral.

Before you create your collateral, here are some internal tools to help you understand and define your brand.

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The Role of Mission In Small Business Marketing Strategies

Karen Hawkins Aug 17, 2017

For many business owners and marketers, there’s little time for crafting small business marketing strategies. Many companies have fallen into a cycle of throwing marketing tactics against the wall and seeing what sticks. Not only does this approach waste time and energy, it doesn’t do justice to the company’s story.

Before deciding what small business marketing tactics will be most effective, you need a strong strategy. And that strategy comes from a clean, simple articulation of the mission of your company.

Your business's mission is the heart of everything you do, including your marketing strategies, so let’s take a look at what it is, how best to express it, and how to turn it into effective marketing.

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