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Inbound17 Takeaways: For the Love of People (in Sales and Marketing).

Camille Winer Nov 22, 2017

Nothing compares to spending 4 days with 22,000 marketers, a handful of inspiring celebrities and hundreds of educational sessions on all things marketing, sales and the human experience.

Inbound17 was everything I’ve grown to expect from HubSpot's yearly conference: totally moving keynotes (Michelle Obama), entertainment that makes my spouse increasingly jealous every year (Judd Apatow), free massages and head shots and a stunning variety of food trucks everyday at lunch (vegan!) and of course leading thought in the sales and marketing industry.

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5 Steps to Great Collateral Materials for Digital Marketing

Camille Winer Oct 27, 2015

Building a strong brand requires careful planning and creatively executed marketing. Part of implementing a successful strategy is having great collateral material.

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5 Lessons in Building a Brand, Learned from Martha Stewart

Camille Winer Sep 26, 2014

Branding is about so much more than a slick new logo, the flag you fly, or the product or service you offer. It’s about showing your ideal customers and supporters who are and the unique ways in which you’re relevant to them. No matter what industry or sector you serve, your brand is the foundation that connects you with your buyers successfully.

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6 Reasons to Keep Your Brochure Alive!

Camille Winer Oct 18, 2013

In this age of the internet and online marketing, you may not think having a brochure is important. In some cases it may not be. In many cases, though, it pays to keep your business’s brochure alive.

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Does Your Logo Listen? Logo Mashups Entertain and Educate

Jackie Lalley Oct 10, 2013

Logos are fun.

For artists and designers.

Having your own logo on the operating table, though, can be painful and angst-inducing. If you're in the midst of logo creation or renovation, it might be helpful to take a break and spark your own creative thinking by looking at Ryan Loomis's work. The user interface designer combined some of the most recognizable brand symbols in unlikely ways, sometimes based just on visual relationships, sometimes through ironic combinations of image and identity.

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Rebranding Lessons from Alterra Coffee

Jackie Lalley Sep 20, 2013

“It’s time to be independent, it’s time to be quirky, it’s time to be local, it’s time to be weird.”

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