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3 Steps to Start Creating Marketing Collateral for Small Business

Camille Winer Aug 24, 2017

A key goal of the marketing collateral you create for your small business is to share your brand’s story with the world. Before you begin broadcasting that story, it’s important to take several behind-the-scenes steps.

Everyone on your team – not just the marketing department –should understand what your brand means and what it stands for. A clear articulation of your mission and reason for being will drive everything about your small business marketing, including the traditional elements of collateral.

Before you create your collateral, here are some internal tools to help you understand and define your brand.

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6 Ways to Make a Great Online Brochure

Camille Winer Jun 10, 2015

Keeping your print brochure alive is crucial for face-to-face interactions—it's great to be able to show off your brand by spreading fantastic marketing collateral across a conference table. But is it wrong to focus resources on print when it's your online marketing that gets a proven return on investment?

Print versus web is a false dichotomy.

You can have your cake and eat it too by converting your print brochure into a powerful online marketing asset. This type of marketing collateral is especially effective at reaching customers who are evaluating you as a provider of solutions to their challenges or needs.

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7 Keys to Designing Nonprofit Infographics That Work

Jackie Lalley Oct 27, 2014

Of all the creative marketing strategies that have emerged recently, infographics are among the most useful to nonprofits. Everywhere you look there are examples of data-rich graphics that organizations have created to inspire, educate, and engage their prospective supporters.

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4 Tips for Building Your Image Library

Jackie Lalley Feb 4, 2014

Have you ever ...

  • Had an important event—and then said, “I wish someone had taken pictures!”

  • Had someone take pictures—and then said, “I wish someone had taken good pictures!”

  • Seen a photo you’ve used in your materials—on your competitor’s website?

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6 Reasons to Keep Your Brochure Alive!

Camille Winer Oct 18, 2013

In this age of the internet and online marketing, you may not think having a brochure is important. In some cases it may not be. In many cases, though, it pays to keep your business’s brochure alive.

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Does Your Logo Listen? Logo Mashups Entertain and Educate

Jackie Lalley Oct 10, 2013

Logos are fun.

For artists and designers.

Having your own logo on the operating table, though, can be painful and angst-inducing. If you're in the midst of logo creation or renovation, it might be helpful to take a break and spark your own creative thinking by looking at Ryan Loomis's work. The user interface designer combined some of the most recognizable brand symbols in unlikely ways, sometimes based just on visual relationships, sometimes through ironic combinations of image and identity.

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5 Keys to Successful Logo Design for Your Small Business

Jackie Lalley Jul 22, 2013

Having your logo designed is a crucial step for any business. After all, your logo only says everything about you. But for a small business, it poses special challenges. You probably have a relatively small budget, and you may be on your own in making decisions, without a team of executives and marketing staff to back you up.

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