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3 Steps to Start Creating Marketing Collateral for Small Business

Camille Winer Aug 24, 2017
Camille Winer

3-steps-to-start-creating-marketing-collateral-for-small-business.jpgA key goal of the marketing collateral you create for your small business is to share your brand’s story with the world. Before you begin broadcasting that story, it’s important to take several behind-the-scenes steps.

Everyone on your team – not just the marketing department –should understand what your brand means and what it stands for. A clear articulation of your mission and reason for being will drive everything about your small business marketing, including the traditional elements of collateral.

Before you create your collateral, here are some internal tools to help you understand and define your brand.

1. Brand platform

Your brand platform isn’t a tagline or slogan, it’s the collection of beliefs, goals and values that defines not just what you do, but why, and how you express that both internally and externally.

The brand platform includes:

  • Mission statement
  • Brand statement
  • Core brand messages
  • Core values
  • Brand voice
  • Vision & audible identity

2. Internal marketing campaign

Anyone with experience marketing a small business can attest that it doesn’t matter how amazing your product or service is if no one knows you exist.

Same with your brand platform: If your colleagues don’t know about it, they can’t help your business transform it from words into action. And team action is what it takes to enact successful marketing strategies for your small business. 


  • Build an internal marketing campaign around your brand platform
  • Develop marketing collateral templates with the brand platform baked in for everyone to use
  • Provide a framework while encouraging people on staff to talk about the brand platform in their own words


  • Assume that the brand platform is already part of your company’s culture
  • Make the brand platform only something that leadership or marketing talks about – give everyone a sense of ownership
  • Forget anyone – you need advocates for the brand across the company

3. Collateral development

Once you’ve created a strong brand platform and spread the word across the company, you’re ready to continue working on the assets that make up a complete marketing collateral checklist. Look beyond traditional marketing collateral to make sure you've got the collateral you'll need to develop a strong digital presence for your small business

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