Cultivating Donor Relationships in HubSpot with Data Integration

Created by Yodelpop Team


A nonprofit organization that focuses on improving the lives of mothers, babies, and children, both locally and internationally. was juggling management of donations received through various platforms and cause portals (Tithe.Ly, Benevity, CanadaHelps) and offline methods (checks) due to fragmented data across multiple sources. This required manual data entry and export-import processes, hindering efficient donor management and timely communication.

Our Solution

The organization needed a centralized system to consolidate donation information from all sources, including Quickbooks, into their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, HubSpot. 

Step 1: Integrate Platforms

The project implemented a Zapier automation tool to create a seamless connection between Quickbooks, where donations were being recorded from the various platforms and HubSpot.

Zapier is a low-code/no-code integration platform that for simpler automations and data transfers between common applications. It connects apps through pre-defined triggers and actions. 

The Zap centers around:

  • A trigger on each new "Sales Receipt" in Quickbooks.
  • Creating a "Deal" in HubSpot.
  • Matches the donor information from Quickbooks to create or update the donor "Contact" in HubSpot.
  • Associate the "Deal" with the respective "Contact"


Step 2: Create Custom Dashboards

Reporting and dashboard tools were leveraged in HubSpot to create a custom donation-based dashboard in order to gain a comprehensive view of donor data. All donation details (amount, date, platform) are viewed in one place, regardless of the source.

Screen Shot 2024-03-05 at 12.02.53 AM

The Impact

The project successfully addressed the nonprofit's data management challenge by creating a centralized system in HubSpot. This improved donor communication, streamlined workflows, and boosted overall efficiency. By addressing the identified challenges and exploring potential subscription upgrades, the organization can further enhance its donor management capabilities and maximize the impact of its fundraising efforts.