Why the HubSpot CMS is an Essential Marketing Asset for Nonprofits

Created by Camille Winer

With all the easy drag and drop and global modules and sections, using the HubSpot CMS hub is one way we see teams accelerating their capacity to execute marketing activities! 

In the video here, I show you why the HubSpot CMS tool is the best in class CMS tool for building and leveraging your website to grow your nonprofit or association. The CMS Hub integrates directly HubSpot's CRM and all in one marketing tools and automation.



With CMS D-N-D (drag-and-drop) Themes, we've watched our clients and our teams work faster and smarter by leveraging the CMS hub. 

With HubSpot's drag and drop themes, you  have :

  •  Simple and paired down editing experience
  • Edit beautiful pages quickly and easily
  • Custom set of drag and drop enabled templates
  • Custom modules
  • Global content Drag and drop editing
  • Flexible brand settings
  • The ability to manage site content and page layout without touching any code.
  • Publish new content and lead conversion opportunities quickly

Movable Feasts

There are so many ingredients included so that you can put together just what's needed to serve your audience.

  • Customizable theme modules  with detailed styling options.
  • New custom modules can be built and added as you go, making the site design scalable rather than rendering it obsolete after a few short years. 
  • The ability to save sections that you've designed and use globally
  • Saved sections content and styles aren't locked globally
  • Once the saved section is dragged to a new page, it can be customized and repurposed just for that instance.
  • Broad flexibility with the page layout.
  • Add or subtract modules from sections,
  • Resizable sections and columns
  • Flexible options for section and module spacing and alignment 
  • Flexible styling options for section and module.
  • Modules can have a high level of complexity combining different visual elements to create a dynamic area of tight-knit and related content types.
  • Easily and quick update the global brand settings for your theme.

In the theme settings, you have access with no backend coding needed to many levels of styles for your website. As for subtler changes, you can still make small styling changes to each module locally.

With HubSpot, CMS themes, you can finally have it all. When it comes to your website asset, you can build team capacity, be efficient with your marketing and scale as you go without sacrificing sophisticated website design and great user experience.

Yodelpop has brand new HubSpot responsive and optimized themes built for nonprofit and association membership organizations that can help you get started.

Ask us for more information on this! 

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