Nonprofit Marketing Implementation


How Does Yodelpop Help Organizations with Marketing Implementation? 

We think organization's are stronger when there is a thriving internal marketing organization, where your nonprofit is developing internal capacity.  We know that at times that means having a marketing parter that can serve to extend your team and skillset so that the marketing plan is actually put into action to support your organization's mission and ability to sustain. 

That's why we offer flexible implementation options to meet your organization’s capacity, help you build it or both. We can do it all for you (after the foundational planning phases), support you in carrying out the marketing internally, or a hybrid of both.  We've developed programs to meet your organization where you are. 

Nonprofit Marketing Implementation Services

Here at Yodelopop we recognize the diversity of nonprofits, each with its own set of objectives and obstacles. That's why our marketing services are crafted to be adaptable and accommodating to your organization's specific needs. Whether you're diving into strategic marketing for the first time with our complimentary Strategic ROI Roadmap, seeking comprehensive guidance through our Nonprofit Marketing GPS, or ready for a complete marketing transformation with our premium packages, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Our implementation packages and support memberships are customized to meet you where you currently stand. From hands-on quarterly support to continuous, full-service marketing management, we provide a range of options to ensure your message not only reaches but resonates with your target audience. For those who prefer a mix of DIY and professional oversight, our tiered membership programs offer the ideal blend of resources, training, and direct services.

Regardless of your nonprofit's size or the scale of your marketing requirements, Yodelpop is dedicated to delivering flexible solutions that evolve alongside your organization. Let us guide you through the intricacies of nonprofit marketing so you can concentrate on your mission.

Our collaborative approach guarantees that we collaborate closely with you at every stage, utilizing quarterly sprints to propel our marketing activities forward in alignment with the Marketing GPS. These crucial quarterly program activities encompass a wide range of services, from strategic content optimization for SEO and the creation of engaging materials to the development of premium offer campaigns and the management of social media presence.

Furthermore, our team will manage database upkeep, execute email marketing campaigns, nurture leads through automation, and continuously refine strategies for maximum effectiveness. We also prioritize implementing forms strategy for seamless user interaction and provide detailed reporting for ongoing improvement and future planning.

With our team of dedicated marketing specialists, you gain the expertise and support you require at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.


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