Chicago Communications

Chicago Communications LLC is a wireless communication integrator of voice and data solutions. Our team has provided website design and development and inbound marketing services to attract, inform, and serve their clients. 




Scope of Project

We partnered with Chicago Communications to create a custom website that attracts their ideal visitors, converts them to leads, nurtures them to become clients, and delights them as they receive excellent service. 

Project features included:

  • Custom design and development in HubSpot CMS, copywriting, SEO
  • Database-driven. searchable product listings
  • Custom, easy-to-use forms and landing pages for lead generation


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Scope of Project

We've created and implemented an inbound marketing program to cultivate sustainable, measurable growth:

  • Strategy & set up: Creation of year-to-year inbound marketing gameplan complete with buyer personas 
  • Attraction: Pillar pages, e-books, blogs, social media, and other SEO-driven educational content to attract ideal visitors 
  • Conversion: Calls-to-action and forms to create quality leads for sales cultivation
  • Lead nurturing: Personalized email workflows and monthly enewsletter, to build relationships and demonstrate expertise
  • Analytics & reporting: Monthly reporting of inbound marketing data and progress toward SMART goals