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Is Email Marketing for Small Business Still a Thing?

Camille Winer Oct 4, 2017
Camille Winer

is-email-marketing-for-small-business-still-a-thing.jpgEmail marketing for small business is either (a) the tool that will rescue your marketing plan from certain disaster, or (b) a relic of marketing strategies past, as obsolete as a 1980s "portable phone." It depends on who you ask. 

If you ask me, based the evidence I've seen, email is a small business marketing tactic that's worth its word count in gold. Here's why:

Email is here to stay

Despite all of the apps and innovations that have declared themselves the end of email, the fact is that it’s still a wildly popular way to keep in touch.

Some stats to back that up:

That’s some pretty compelling evidence not to give up on email in your small business digital marketing.

Email is personal

Having someone’s email address is an invitation to their inbox, where your message will live alongside the notes from their mothers, bosses and favorite retail outlets.

It’s crucial not to squander that invitation when planning how to market a small business. Personalizing the messaging as much as possible will make the recipient feel that you’re speaking to them and addressing their needs.

Email is infinitely adaptable 

The great thing about modern email software and apps is the ability to tailor messages to specific audiences based on all kinds of criteria.

You can – and should ­– segment your lists according to whether the person is a subscriber, lead or customer. And the content should reflect what you know about their challenges and behavior.

The loyal customer who reads every one of your messages shouldn’t be getting the same messaging as someone you’re still trying to woo.

Email is Easy to Start

Once you’ve taken the right steps in creating your marketing plan, and you’re ready to develop marketing collateral for your small business, it doesn’t take a lot to start emailing.

Great contacts, smart segmentation and compelling content will have you well on your way.

So yes, email marketing for small business is certainly still a thing.   


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