Professional Association Increases Members, Leads and Visitors

Created by Yodelpop Team

yodelpop-association-case-study-feature-graphicIn the first year of inbound marketing with Yodelpop, this professional association experienced results including:

  • Website Traffic: ⬆️ 43% increase per month
  • Leads: ⬆️ 57% increase per month
  • Lead-to-member conversion: 10%


This association is the premier resource for professionals in their industry, promoting excellence and providing authoritative educational resources. They represent more than 4,000 members in the US, Canada, and 30 other countries. To meet growing membership goals, they needed a way to attract more web traffic, convert web visitors into leads, and nurture those leads through the buyer’s journey to become members. After initially considering hiring an internal marketing manager, the association opted instead to staff their marketing needs by partnering with Yodelpop, providing them with a whole marketing team—inbound account manager, content creators, designers, developers, and more.

As a result, this organization generated 4,800 new contacts/leads in the first 15 months of marketing activities with Yodelpop, and has converted 10% of leads to members with email marketing.

Our Approach

Yodelpop worked with the organization’s team to:

  1. Create content-rich website and advertising assets that serve as a traffic magnet, drawing more visitors to the website and converting them to leads
  2. Nurture leads to become members, leveraging a range of sophisticated tools in HubSpot's all-in-one marketing software

Yodelpop’s specific strategies and activities to improve lead generation and nurturing with this client included:

  • Gameplan
    • Analyzed peers and competitors.
    • Created key personas. Yodelpop helped the client identify and develop their most important personas that match their ideal members and influencers.
    • Formulated a detailed gameplan ensuring effective use of resources throughout each month, quarter, and year.
  • Advertising
    • Used targeted social media advertising campaigns to generate leads based on new online resources, activities, programs, and events.
    • Leveraged Google Adwords grant program to promote the organization’s resources, content, and special events.
  • Inbound Marketing
    • Created a content strategy with topic cluster methodology to attract more qualified traffic to the website. Continually address the needs of the association’s key personas and tell the organization’s unique story, promoting its mission and niche expertise using principles of inbound marketing.
    • Developed pillar pages—long, authoritative pages that solve a specific persona-based problem and play a key role in attracting traffic to the client’s site with the goal of converting visitors into leads
    • Launched an educational blog—regularly publishing posts that answer key personas’ specific questions and challenges, and link back to the pillar pages to solve their biggest problems
    • Engaged social media audiences by continually posting organic social content that answers important questions, draws them to the website, and converts them to leads
  • Lead Generation and Nurturing
    • Identified lost membership conversion opportunities and created a new online membership lead pipeline to identify prospects and convert them to leads.
    • Designed and implemented lead nurturing email workflows providing a personalized experience to build relationships with leads and convert them into members.
    • Created an e-newsletter that demonstrates the association’s value to all subscribers, reinforcing thought leadership while driving traffic to the website and nurturing leads.
    • Built dozens of conversion mechanisms on the website, driving visitors to take an action via forms and CTAs that match their stage of the buyer’s journey. Visitors provide their contact information and in exchange receive something of value, nurturing the relationship up to and beyond membership conversion.
  • Technology
    • Bridge YourMembership association management system with HubSpot Marketing Pro — first with an import strategy, then with the YourMemberSync integration.


By implementing a content-based inbound marketing strategy using HubSpot Marketing Pro software, Yodelpop helped this professional association increase web traffic by 43%, leads generated by 57%, and convert 10% of new leads to members in the first year.