Sustainable Business Generates 29% More Leads With Inbound Marketing

Created by Yodelpop Team

Sustainable-Business-Marketing-Case-Study-GraphicIn the first six months of inbound marketing with Yodelpop, this sustainable architectural products company experienced results including:

  • Leads: ⬆️ 29% increase
  • Website Traffic: ⬆️ 4% increase


This family-owned sustainable manufacturing company hand-crafts the finest architectural products for eco-conscious clients worldwide. As their business grew, they needed a way to attract more web traffic, convert web visitors into leads, and nurture those leads through the buyer’s journey.

Our Approach

Yodelpop worked with the company’s team to:

  1. Create a content-rich website that serves as a traffic magnet, drawing more visitors to the website and converting them to leads
  2. Nurture leads to become customers, leveraging workflows and other tools in HubSpot's all-in-one marketing software.

Yodelpop’s specific strategies and activities to improve lead generation and nurturing with this client included:

  1. Analyzed peers and competitors.
  2. Created key personas. Yodelpop helped the client identify and develop their three most important personas that match their ideal clients and influencers.
  3. Created a content strategy that both addresses the needs of the company’s key personas and tells the company’s unique story, channeling the client's passion and niche expertise using principles of sustainable marketing
  4. Developed pillar pages—long, authoritative pages that solve a specific problem and play a key role in attracting traffic to the client’s site with the goal of converting visitors into leads
  5. Launched a business blog—regularly published posts that answer key personas’ specific questions and challenges, and link back to the pillar page to solve their biggest problems
  6. Created an e-newsletter that provides a direct channel of communication with the client’s prospective customers, driving traffic from the contact’s inbox to the client’s website
  7. Built CTAs and conversion opportunities throughout the website to drive visitors to take an action—sign up for their e-newsletter, download a pdf, request a consultation, order a sample, or subscribe to the blog. When visitors click on a call to action or pop-up form, they provide their contact information and in exchange get something of value, so a relationship can be nurtured.


By implementing a content-based inbound marketing strategy using HubSpot’s marketing software, Yodelpop helped this sustainable business increase leads generated by 29% and web traffic by 4% in the first six months.

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