Be Strong Families

Be Strong Families partners to create transformative change by developing and sustaining conversations that nurture the spirit of family, promote well-being, and prevent violence. We partner with Be Strong Families to create and carry out a content marketing strategy that promotes their events, games, trainings, and other products and services.




Digital Advertising



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Scope of Project

We've created and are implementing an inbound marketing program to cultivate sustainable, measurable growth:

  • Strategy & set up: Creation of inbound marketing gameplan and buyer personas 
  • Attraction: Creative video and other content with digital advertising to promote offers
  • Conversion: Calls-to-action and forms to create quality leads for cultivation as customers and event participants and leaders
  • Lead nurturing: Personalized email workflows
  • Sales & marketing alignment: Closed-loop reporting enablement through HubSpot-Salesforce integration 
  • Analytics & reporting: Reporting of inbound marketing data and progress toward SMART goals