mmLearn improves the quality of care and the quality of life of older adults by providing training and education to family caregivers, pastoral care providers and healthcare professionals. We partnered with mmLearn to create and carry out a content marketing, YouTube, and website strategy to educate and support caregivers confronting difficult issues such as dementia, Alzheimer's, and mental health. 




Scope of Project

We partnered with mmLearn to create a custom website that educates and supports senior caregivers on some of the toughest issues they face. We guided users to the topics they most need help with, with a searchable, filtered portal to mmLearn's extensive video archive. Guiding and implementing a technology approach that adapted to changing search algorithms, we undertook a search-optimized migration of all of their video content to YouTube, with supporting SEO topic cluster strategy on the website. 

Project features included:

  • Custom design and development in HubSpot CMS
  • Graphics-driven video portal with easy-to-use UX/UI for both browsing and searching
  • Database-driven facility listing 
  • Custom, easy-to-use forms and landing pages for educational downloads, subscriptions, and growth



Pillar Page

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Scope of Project

We've created and implemented an inbound marketing program to cultivate sustainable, measurable growth:

  • Strategy & set up: Creation of year-to-year inbound marketing gameplan complete with buyer personas 
  • Attraction: Pillar pages, e-books, blogs, social media, and other SEO-driven educational content to attract ideal visitors 
  • Conversion: Calls-to-action and forms to create quality leads for cultivation as subscribers
  • Engagement: Social media monitoring and engagement
  • Lead nurturing: Personalized email workflows and high-growth, educational monthly enewsletter
  • Analytics & reporting: Monthly reporting of inbound marketing data and progress toward SMART goals