Camille Winer

Co-founder of Yodelpop, Inc., Camille's passion is to elevate marketing as a core function in creating a more sustainable world. Camille has worked on advertising and marketing for 20+ years, and effectively leads operations and successful service delivery through strong leadership, visual, technical, strategic, and communication skills. 

As a recent graduate of the Sustainable MBA program at Green Mountain College, Camille is helping to build Yodelpop's mission to help organizations and businesses that define success as having a positive impact on the world as an integral part of their products, services and work. 

Camille also brings passion and expertise in sustainable business practices, organizational culture and green products and services marketing. 

Camille was president of her high school theater guild and financed many fine productions with car-wash fundraisers, including the production of Hello Out There by William Saroyan, which brought the theatre guild of Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan the state championship in theatre.  

Camille still enjoys a little drama from time to time.

Camille is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan and now resides in Highland Park, Illinois, with her husband and two sons. She enjoys family, nature and aspires to be like co-founder Jackie, who can hold a yoga headstand for 20 minutes.