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Wireless Communications Firm Triples Leads, Grows Traffic 128% from Search and Social

Executive Summary

Chicago Communications 300px.pngChicago Communications is a wireless communication integrator of voice and data solutions. Founded in 2004, the company provides sales, installation, and maintenance of communications equipment throughout the Chicagoland area, serving sectors including public safety, education, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, and more.

Chicago Communications came to Yodelpop for help solving several problems, including overall lack of traffic and leads from organic search and social media, lack of promotion of several core service areas, and limited internal marketing capacity. Since engaging Yodelpop, in just the first year, Chicago Communications saw a 128% increase in traffic from organic search and social media, and a 55% increase in leads from those same sources — with continued significant growth in year two.

Read below for more details on how we partnered with Chicago Communications to achieve marketing success.


In 2014, Chicago Communications came to Yodelpop for help solving several problems: First was an overall lack of traffic and leads from organic search and social media. The company had removed an internal marketing position and was faced with a need for inbound marketing capacity and resources. In addition, there was a lack of content and therefore traffic and leads in several core service areas that are key to the business. While the company was well known as a provider of two-way radio solutions, its other four core services — wireless networks, distributed antenna systems, 911 communications, and equipment servicing — were not sufficiently promoted on the website. Finally, while inbound marketing had been in place in previous years, there were gaps in how the inbound methodology was being implemented, impacting traffic and conversion rates.

How We Helped

Yodelpop enacted a simple and effective content, design, and social media strategy in partnership with the Chicago Communications team. The first year, we focused on:

  • Creating and posting keyword-driven educational blogs, 8 posts per month
  • Adding calls to action on all blogs, home page, and core services pages
  • Testing and redesigning landing pages for increased performance
  • Creating and updating buyer personas to focus marketing efforts
  • Rewriting and designing the home page and adding 5 core services pages

In subsequent years, we’ve augmented those efforts while still enacting an efficient inbound strategy, including:

  • Launching 2 new offers per year to convert leads in each persona and stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Increasing Chicago Communications brand prominence in co-branded offers
  • Using social media strategically to drive traffic to the website as well as increasing following with shared content
  • Improving design of calls to action to increase traffic to lead conversion
  • Broadening blogging content to cover popular B to B themes beyond strictly technical topics
  • Adding a resources page to promote all offers and drive prospects further along the buyer’s journey

Results / ROI 

Since engaging the Yodelpop team to provide inbound marketing, ChiComm has significantly increased both traffic from organic search and social media, and leads generated online:

  • Organic and social traffic increased by 128% in year 1 …
  • And by an additional 68% in year 2
  • Leads tripled across the 2-year period from organic and social traffic
  • Social media followers increased by 118% from year 1 to year 2

Chicago Communications has gained leads and traffic from organic search and social media as a result of inbound marketing, benefiting their business.

Monthly Traffic, 3 yrs.



Future Plans

Yodelpop is augmenting Chicago Communications’ content strategy with cornerstone content to drive traffic through enhanced cross-page SEO. Plans include continuing to publish new inbound offers to attract, convert, and delight across all of the company’s buyer personas and business sectors.

Client Testimonial 


Hiring Yodelpop has been a great decision. We started looking for a content marketing firm after we lost our internet marketing specialist. We’ve been so impressed with how quickly they learned our industry and turned around blog posts for us. The quality of the content is exceptional, and we’re so happy with the results that we've continued to contract with them.

Lisa MacGillivray, Marketing Director, Chicago Communications


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