Nonprofit Digital Marketing Engagement Campaign

Yodelpop plans and executes nonprofit digital marketing campaigns that:

  • Power up your website to spread your message, pull in advocates and donors, and create engagement

  • Harness social media to broaden your reach and enlist advocates in your mission

  • Move beyond the eblast to actually engage with your email recipients, deepen the relationship, and turn them into supporters

  • Get the numbers to prove what you're doing is working – and make course corrections

The result? More engagement, more participation, more measurable return on the resources you're investing in marketing and communications.

This package includes: 

  • Strategy: Campaign planning & strategy consultation

  • Download: Turn one of your resources into a conversion tool

  • Blog: Write and post 8 blogs to educate and promote

  • Social Media: Promotion of blogs and download

  • Email: 4 emails + consulting on list segmentation

  • Keyword Research: On campaign topics

  • SEO: Optimization of 5 web pages on campaign topics

  • Analysis & Reporting: 1 mid-campaign, 1 post-campaign report

Cost: $5,400

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