Small Business Marketing

Inbound marketing presents a way to solve small business marketing challenges and helping organizations adopt inbound marketing is our passion. We use data to help inform how we tell our clients’ stories and attract, convert, close and delight, turning strangers into active customers.

Inbound marketing makes effective marketing possible for small businesses

There are pressures on businesses to figure out marketing while often without dedicated marketing expertise, strategy or resources.

According to the the 2016 State of Inbound Marketing, the biggest challenges for small business marketing include: 

  • Generating traffic
  • Proving the ROI of marketing activities
  • Managing website
  • Identifying the right technologies for needs
  • Training a team
  • Hiring top talent

Businesses that have adopted inbound marketing are prioritizing:

  • Converting contacts to customers
  • Growing SEO/ organic presence
  • Delighting current customers
  • Sales enablement

Organizations that utilize inbound marketing are 4 times as likely to rate their marketing strategy high. 

We love inbound marketing because:

  • It helps our clients connect with the people they really want as customers and advocates.
  • It gives clients a return on their marketing investment—with reporting to prove it.
  • It’s fun! Inbound builds great relationships that benefit both clients and their customers and supporters.

With inbound, we help clients educate, inform and position themselves as thought leaders. The compelling content we generate for your website and social media is the beginning of an important conversation with your ideal customers that will ultimately help you reach your goals.

Our clients trust us to take on the things that are difficult for them. As a marketing partner, we:

  • Help you effectively use marketing to strengthen your brand and your business
  • Attract more traffic to your website and social media accounts
  • Take the guesswork out of audience targeting and relevant content production
  • Support you in making the case to company leadership that marketing is worth the investment
  • Enhance your marketing expertise with the inbound approach
  • Worry about the tech side
  • Make you look great

Yodelpop is an Inbound Marketing Certified Agency.